Engine Fluid Analysis

What to Expect

As part of your RV inspection, you can choose to have fluid samples taken and the fluid samples are sent to a Lab to be analyzed for impurities and any abnormities. This can be done on Engine and Generator Oil, Transmission Fluid, or Engine Coolants. components.

Money In the Bank

You may find there’s no need to spend up to $250 (or more) to change the oil or coolant in the main engine and/or generator because your fluid analyses show they’re still viable! You may find that the transmission fluid is still in good condition and that maintenance is not necessary. This could save you up to $600,or more! You may find there’s no need for any maintenance on any of these main RV systems. That translates to, not only big savings, but a great feeling of peace as you proceed with the purchase!

Engine Fluid Analysis

Engine fluid analysis is a critical step in the pre-purchase inspection process, offering a deep dive into the RV’s health. This analysis can uncover poor maintenance by previous owners or identify issues needing attention before purchase, significantly reducing the risk of major repairs, costly road assistance, and lost vacation time. By opting for fluid analysis, you join a group of savvy buyers who understand its value in providing a glimpse into the RV’s engine, transmission, generator, and cooling systems’ condition. Utilized nationwide by major fleets and offered by our top-tier lab, JG Lubricant Services, fluid analysis is akin to a ‘blood test’ for your RV. It not only promises increased reliability and uptime but also peace of mind against high-cost repairs, ensuring your RV is ready for the road. Consider it essential healthcare for your RV, alerting you to early signs of wear or contamination, and maximizing your investment’s value by potentially extending fluid lifespans. It’s a smart choice for any buyer looking to safeguard their new adventure.


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